Friday, September 19, 2008


For 25 years I have been wanting to be in San Francisco, but not just the city, the whole bay area. Its very much like Boston although not as heavily congested. Hard to believe I'm here although many of the hard realities and adjustments to a very different area than what I've been accustomed to have set in. I am slowly becoming familiar with the downtown and south of market areas.

I spent all morning and early afternoon in the city interviewing for two possible positions in IT desktop support. I need to get back to work into something a little more permanent. I'm getting tired of these short-term contracts to be honest. In-between interviews, I had time and walked around the downtown area and just explored the amazing European architecture, listened to the sounds, taking all in.

I LOVE THIS PLACE. There is a magic here. Just like NYC, it is no wonder it is visited by so many every year. They are different though, SF is a visually very beautiful city, while NY is more of an exciting place, and MUCH larger on grander scale. I still miss my hometown and eventually I will see it again. But I am so lucky to be in San Francisco. Both Vic & I are.

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