Tuesday, October 21, 2008


In a few short months the lease in our apartment is going to be up.

We found a place not far from where we currently live but much bigger and for a few hundred dollars more. The only bad side is that there is no garage. No biggy. Its not as if the truck is exposed to heavy rains, snow or even harsher elements. We're in CA and its almost always sunny here unlike the seasonal changes back in the north east.

Its been rough the last 6 months out here getting used to being in a completely different area but each day I am loving every moment. Making friends has been great. So many wonderful people that are making both Vic & I feel welcome. I went to the very first 'cuda in the city this past Saturday night meeting a friend of mine that was performing and a few other people there. I had a great time.

The other day I was doing routine inspection of the truck's engine making sure all the fluids were topped off and that everything was functioning normally. After spending close to $4000 on the vehicle there shouldn't be any problems. Tired of putting money into it though. I still want to remove the thermostat so that the engine runs cooler.

Last week I went to an APPLE seminar in Cupertino (south on the peninsula) in hopes that I get hired to work in one of the many retail Apple stores in the bay area. SF would be best though........
I was very intimidated because many of these people that were at this event along with me have worked in higher executive positions in the tech sector than I. But I remembered why I was chosen to come. It was my resume in which they saw something that appealed greatly. I hope this opportunity leads me to working for them. Besides, I want a MACBOOK!

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