Saturday, November 1, 2008


I can't believe that in another 6 months it will be a year that Vic and I have moved from old New England to out here in the Bay Area on the peninsula 10 minutes just outside from San Francisco. The other night while we were watching a movie, Vic asked me if I want to move back east, New York city specifically.

I was stunned. But I am thinking about it. If the job market does not improve here where I can't find more permanent work, I told Vic then let's do it.

I'm not going to attack SF. I LOVE the city. It's a magical place that I am slowly beginning to know. Unfortunately for me I don't enjoy going into it other than for work or seeing my friends. San Francisco does not have a nighlife compared to that of New York. In fact, NO CITY in the world does. While some may argue that there are more artists and creative people in SF, I tend to disagree compared to NYC. The energy is NY is way fast-paced which I'm used to and I miss it.

San Francisco is 750,000 people while New York city is 8 million. There is NO comparison.

We're still deciding, so who knows what will happen. I let Vic know that IF I decide to stay here in the Bay Area and he decides to go back east, then it will mean the end of us but I want him to be happy. He loves New York, for him it is where he feels most himself.

New York for me is and ALWAYS will be my home.

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