Friday, December 12, 2008

Michael Moore: What We're Seeing is the End of Capitalism

I know that Mike's heart is in the right place.

He however doesn't realize that the reprocussions that will follow with the American auto industry collapse is force a real change. The people will revolt against those that voted to hurt the average worker, and that this will spark a massive revolution.

The top 1% have had too much power for far too long, while the rest of the country has seen poverty overtake many states and all people from different walks of life.

The domestics are to blame mostly for this but they are not alone. For so long they have catered to what the oil cartels have wanted in creating a poisonous product to our planet.

The oil companies are responsible for creating wars and destabilizing other nations plundering their resources in the relentless pursuit of high profits, and stifling any new inventions that would get us off oil.

The right wingers and the god-loving freaks are responsible for voting in crooks and liars.

We need to wake up people.

Reason I've been following this so much and why I post so many car posts is because I used to work in the auto industry and I still love cars.
I support and believe in the American made auto industry. I am mixed about this for many reasons.

On one hand, I want not just us, but the whole world OFF of oil. Oil is a limited resource and like it or not, WE WILL run out of it. It poisons our planet in numerous ways.

These sociopathic corporatists don't understand and relentless in stopping anything new from replacing the internal combustion engine or even making it more fuel efficient. They along with their other Wall Street buddies are responsible for why our economy is deeply affected now with 1.5 million jobs lost in the last few months.

On the other hand, I want the American people to get it through their heads that our politicians need to be held accountable for the decisions they make.

They need to understand that when they vote for someone that seeks to undermine their way of making a living causing hardship for them and their families, it is their fundamental right to fight ... not just for themselves, but the good of everyone.

I'm not hateful towards religion because I personally know some wonderful people who are religious and they are not hateful at all. But in the midwest and southern states where the Big 3 have left their mark if they collapse, those states will be the first hit very hard.

Katrina will be a walk in the park.


  1. RIGHT ON. I agree 100 percent, and despair about what we can do about it. these fucking evil oil robber barons have had us all by the balls for over 100 years now.the cancer is deeep deep rooted.

  2. I support electric cars. Their time is well overdue.


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