Friday, February 20, 2009


"Our moral and economic system is based on individual responsibility. It’s based on the idea that people have to live with the consequences of their decisions. This makes them more careful deciders. This means that society tends toward justice — people get what they deserve as much as possible."

But what if this system was flawed or deliberately designed to punish those less fortunate while allowing those in power to continue to benefit themselves at the expense of the losing majority?

Its very interesting that this man has the audacity to attack the majority class which are poor while ignoring the wealthy minority that are responsible for our fragile economic failure. The United States is in a recession because of a housing bubble blown up by the shady practices of an elite class of Wall Street and governmental players. Our economy tanked because of the acts of a group of liars that should be imprisoned for corporate treason, who are now placing the blame on the shoulders of the most vulnerable people in our society: the poor.

Mr Brooks,
How dare you spend eight years defending the indefensible Bush regime and all it represented and now you have the temerity, the arrogance, the absolute unmitigated gall to pontificate about "idiots"?! Exactly who are the idiots? The working class homeowners who bought more than they could afford because the didn't understand how susceptible they were to shocks in the system and fluctuations in rates and housing markets? Brokers who mystified the system, the worst of which engaged in terrible tactics? Government intervention to encourage widespread home ownership as an admirable but ultimately foolish social agenda?

Rick Santelli has done more damage to America than all defaulted Americans combined. His participation in the professional market cheerleading of CNBC was as irresponsible as any of the rating agencies that stamped AAA on trash derivatives.

It was not Obama who went to the Congress for three Quarters of a Trillion dollars, no strings attached. That was a GOP “Market Savvy” Secretary of the Treasury with a Bush Chairman of the Fed. That money was not meant for “losers” as Mr. Santelli calls them. It was to bail out the scumbag crooks of Wall Street that CNBC has their lips super-glued on their ass.

I'm sorry Mr. Brooks. The wealthy in this country rarely have to "live with the consequences of their decisions." They have loopholes and safety nets under the illusion that they have little to fear as they are very well protected by private mercenary armies like the former "BLACKWATER" guard now renamed "XE Corporation".
Some of them, after DWIs and failed businesses and cocaine addictions and mediocre school performance can even become president.

No, David, this tired conservative rhetoric is growing old, largely because it's propagated by exactly the people who don't have to risk anything to make the grade that includes you I'm afraid.
How about you live below 25K in this country again for a while with no one there to bail you out, and a lot of very unscrupulous folks out to prey on your desire to just have a piece of what everyone else seems to have. Just try it for week even, and you may just decide to drop the beltway "bootstrap" song.

But not to worry. Sooner or later a revolution will come. It's unavoidable. The French revolted against the elite class in their country by the guillotine. The free ride is almost over. I may not live to see it but mark my word it is coming.

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