Friday, February 6, 2009


I had a discussion today with a FaceBook user about an articleon CAMO that a lesbian writer named Diane silver wrote called, "What Gays Owe Black America". It was a very interesting read, but I didn't agree with everything this woman said.

Anyhow, a discussion began with me and a FB friend about the article and here's what was said:

FB friend: This woman is batshit.

Nobody is suggesting for one second that the struggles of African-Americans have allowed all other minority groups to profit in some way. But let's not forget that they didn't do it for gays, latinos or whoever else, they did it for themselves. And hats off to them for protecting their interests.

I am a big fan of Dr. King, Rosa Parks, and even Malcolm X for their contributions to civil rights. But it's in the past and being a vicarious beneficiary will never make up for my anger at people who know what oppression feels like, yet couldn't find it in themselves to do the right thing.

Also, gays have been reaching out to other minority groups for decades and it is met with a fast refusal due to the perceived subversive nature of GLBT people. Her assertion on that point is baseless.

ME: Hold on bud. Listen to what she's saying: "White LGBT leaders have compounded these problems by too often failing to work with heterosexual African Americans, or by only seeking self-serving alliances. Why should we expect black America to support us in our time of need if we don’t return the favor."

Hate to tell you this bud, but as a mixed interracial person myself I see the gay rights leaders fighting are mostly white gay men. I don't see many lesbians nor minorities.
Gay society is also very divided between the older generation that are against gay marriage (and trust me I know plenty of older generation gay men that vote conservative/Republican) and the younger generation 40 and younger that are for it. We also have the smoochers that take everything from gay society and give absolutely NOTHING back.

FB friend: I listened to what she's saying and rejected it because she provided no evidence to support her argument. Ones observations of those around him do not constitute universality. What you see is largely dependent on where you are. In my world, white gay men don't do shit. Lesbians did most the work for marriage equality in MA.

I would say most GLBT people (the portion that give a crap) are on the side of justice. Consider the queer Californians who worked on Obama's get out and vote campaign who, in doing so, had to choose between their own civil liberties and the greater good of the nation? The outcome of "good for Obama, bad for gays" had been predicted long before it went down. And I respect the cultural problems associated with it, but it doesn't quell my annoyance. My attitude is "you don't want to help...that's fine, but don't stand in the way." They stood in the way.

So, I still think she's batshit. And don't get me started on the gay republicans.

I continued on:

ME: The lack of respect, loyalty, honesty, maturity, combined with pretentiousness convoluted with over-the-top sexual indulgence and promiscuity is not a good combination. Then of course there's the problem of the many group "types" that if you don't fit in, you're not welcome and have ostracized many gay men in the process.

These are some of the examples of just how our society is fragmented with a lot of deep-seeded problems we need to address.

But if you want to discuss ignorance, blacks in the U.S. still feel "I was born black and I can't change that" thinking. They still believe that homosexuality is a choice. Many Latinos are deeply religious and see homosexuality as against "god".
The ultra rich, white, neo-conservative, religious zealots that make up the top 10% of the most wealthy and control 90% of what is going on in this country do not want equal rights for everyone. All they care about is keeping minorities pitted against each other, keeping them repressed, trying to undo the many equality strides that have happened in the last 45 years. And what's worse? They are hypocrites. Remember that.

Education is the only way to combat ignorance. We still have a long way to go in reaching out but we need to look at our own backyard first before we start pointing the finger elsewhere.
As far as gay republicans go? Barney Frank had an interesting comment which I quote, "why the hell would you as gay people want to support a party that demonizes you?'

The old queen is right.
What do you think?


  1. Thanks so much for your post, and for your discussion. Fascinating and helpful to my thinking process. There is only so much I can get into one 800-word column. I know that there is much more to say.

  2. Diane I appreciate your response. It was a very heated debate that I had with this FB friend of mine.


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