Friday, February 20, 2009


In my normal everyday reading of the news and blogs, I came across a long awaited post of a blogger I grew to respect when he was incarcerated in federal prison for standing up against the government's intimidation tactics of trying to undermine his journalism rights. His name is Josh Wolf.

As he writes:

I’m not the kind of guy who likes to call the cops. In fact, I’ll do everything I can to settle my disputes without involving the police. You could even say I was sent to prison to avoid getting involved — we’ll get to that later.

But when I was mugged by Terrell Tramell, 28, Feb. 4, just after 1 a.m., in the Lower Haight neighborhood of San Francisco, I felt like the only choice I had was to call the police.

I first met Trammell in 2006 while I was inmate number 98005-011 at the Dublin Federal Detention Center. He was number 92544-011, but everyone called him “Rail,” or “Rell.”

I would’ve liked to have just walked away, bruised and beaten, but ready to write it off as a very bad day.

I’m not in the game. But our worlds had collided, and simply hoping he’d leave me alone didn’t seem like a smart idea.

There’s a reason you don’t mug people that know you. Especially ones that live in your neighborhood. It makes things complicated.

And leaves me without out a whole lot of options.

I’m not the kind of guy who likes to call the cops.

But after hearing from a mutual acquaintance that Rail was unwilling to offer his assurances that I wouldn’t have any more problems, I felt I had no choice but to point to his photo when the detective showed me the line-up.

Terrell Trammell has since been charged with robbery and is being held at 850 Bryant Street. He is not eligible for bail because he is on federal probation.

I always swore that if ANYONE ever threatened me, the people that I love, or try taking my shit that I worked so hard to earn, I would kill or be killed fighting to the bitter end. You fuck with me? I will hunt you down and you won't have a place to hide. You will wish that you didn't cross paths with me.

I admire this guy Josh, but I hate to say it, once you deal with a repeat criminal, like it or not, you have to trust the cops. That's their job. There's a reason WHY people Terrell Trammell have been jailed repeatedly. The man that attacked you is an idiot that can't see beyond his small pee brain. He is an animal and as such you can't reason with people like him.

I'm hoping that once things get settled over I am thinking about buying a gun.


  1. Thanks for the post. I have to appear Trammell's court appearance in the a.m. - wish me luck.

  2. Your welcome Josh. You know that I and others are behind you 100%.


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