Monday, March 9, 2009

Former Evangelist Slams Anti-Gay Right

Former Evangelist Slams Anti-Gay Right

It's not often that I discuss religion because for the last 8 years this country suffered enough under BUSH and people like Rush Limbaugh, but this man Frank Schaeffer is a decent man. The only other one that I knew when I was growing up as a kid on TV was Mr. Fred Rogers.

Rush Limbaugh is telling the truth when he says he wants him (Obama) to fail. These people are ideological enough that they would rather take our whole country down and be proved right than be patriotic and be Americans, stand up and do the thing that everyone who loves this country should do right now which is support the President whether you voted for him or not!

Just goes to show that just because a person is of faith, it does not mean that they are a bad person.

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