Monday, March 30, 2009

Obama's Ouster of GM Opel CEO Wagoner

This calls for a celebration. No longer will the BIG 3 do "business as usual". For years we as Americans were being told lies by the oil and car companies that this is the best form of transportation while destroying our environment in the relentless pursuit of high profits. It amazed me....the domestic car companies have made a product that made the oil companies extremely wealthy, but when they were in trouble, the oil companies DO NOTHING for them.

Not only did BIG OIL fuck the car companies over, they fucked all of us over. Let this be a lesson to the American people.

If the shareholders as well as GM are taking money from the federal government, it is the job of the government to tell them what to do. You don't get a free lunch without giving something back and obviously what GM and Chrysler were doing is not working.

I'm not defending the unions as I was a union worker myself. I hated working in one because I saw how unions often protect the scum that don't want to work instead of tossing that dead weight out the door. Unions also need to government regulation as well.

Oil companies don't care about anyone nor the environment and like most corporations, put PROFIT above anything else. They like WALL STREET, need to watched and controlled.

What has happened is the result of conservative/corporatist policies that have benefited the top 1%, while systematically destroyed the lives of the other 90%.

The dawn of clean energy, electric vehicles, and healthier environment is here.

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