Saturday, April 25, 2009

R.I.P. Beatrice Arthur (1923-2009)

Beatrice Arthur, the Tony- and Emmy-winning actress best known for her role as Dorothy Zbornak in TV's "The Golden Girls," has passed away. She was 86 and was suffering from cancer, according to the Associated Press.

The actress died early today at her home in Los Angeles with her family by her side, said family spokesman Dan Watt. He did not give further details.

Tall and husky voiced, Arthur won her biggest audiences for her television roles in NBC's "The Golden Girls" (1985-1992) and CBS' "Maude" (1972-1978). But it was on the stage that she began and ended her career. In 1966, she won the Tony award for best featured actress in a musical for "Mame," in which she co-starred with Angela Lansbury.

Rest easy girl. You earned it.

Friday, April 24, 2009


I was a Comcast high-speed internet subscriber in late 2005 until I was booted 7 months later in the summer of 2006 for violating a fuzzy acceptable use policy that was purposely and vaguely written by lawyers designed to shield this company from liability.

Each month for the better part of this and the last decade, Comcast would contact the top 1,000 users of its 14.4 million user network, regardless of how much data they had transferred, and warn them that they were violating the acceptable use policy. When users asked what the limit was, they were simply told that there are NO LIMITS and that they needed to stay out of the top 1,000 user list—something impossible to know.

In 2008, Comcast was sued and paid the state of Florida $150,000 to deal with this exact issue and the ambiguity that surrounded it. The state attorney general said that “a ‘top 1,000′ criteria, as previously applied, did not clearly and conspicuously disclose to the consumer the specific amount of bandwidth deemed to be excessive under Comcast’s subscriber agreements.”

In response, Comcast adopted the explicit 250GB/month cap.

I decided to take my fight against them by posting videos on YOU TUBE and contacting several media outlets in getting the word out. I can tell you that it was the most vicious fight I’ve ever encountered. By my actions, I found out that there were others out there that had the same experience as I.

I and other former subscribers demanded that they show “proof” of “excessive use” and was repeatedly refused the request. What shocked me more, is how defensive this company really is. Comcast is scary. They hate net neutrality and don’t like media spotlight focusing against them. Brian Roberts is called “The Dark Lord Of The Internet”. He is psychopath like Rupert Murdoch determined to be the gatekeeper of the flow of information.

We need real broadband competition not these mediocre services provided by huge greedy monopolies.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I LOVE Facebook. It is a great social network. But like anything else, you will run into the few that will but heads with you. In this such case, a user added me a days before only for me to find out later that he removed me simply because he did not like a few posts I had on my profile, and by those posts, he made some rather false assumptions and judgements about me which I honestly wanted to slug him in the face.

here's the lovely conversation with the message title "uh" thereby you can see the kind of airhead-filled personality I was dealing with :

FB USER : No thanks Joe! While you are very handsome on the outside, I didnt care for all your politics in the past few days hitting on the BEST thing that has happened to this country since Clinton. Obama is going to pull us out of this mess. The stimulus money is already working. The banks are making money and paying back the money they were given. The tea parties were for morons that hopped on a "take down the black president" bus. Its not going to happen overnight. Hell it took BUSH 8 years to change all of his policies to help put millions in his and his friends pockets. People quickly forget Bush's first 8 months in office. I will never understand gay republicans. There was a lot said about them on Sirrius OutQ's Michealangelo show this past week.

MY RESPONSE: So you judged me without first talking to me. Great. I am NOT a gay republican that's the first thing nor am I conservative. In fact, I find it detestful that any queer would support a group that further demonizes us.
stop being the typical queer that goes for looks first then judges when they don't like what the person stands for without actually hearing and talking to the person.
Your lack of an open mind and questioning what is happening in this country shows that you are not carefully paying close attention. I read everything from the RAW STORY, to the Washington post, to the NY Times and everything in between.

I don't subscribe to any side when it comes to politics whether right or left and I point out everything I get to read to make everyone aware of what is going on.
Let me explain something else to you that you need to understand: OBAMA is a corporatist and his interests are in line with WALL STREET and the bankers. You should read more before you judge because you may find that what our government is doing is not really serving your best interests.
And just to let you know, the tea parties were a smokescreen for the ultra rich scumbags that brought this country to its knees.

the next time someone says something like "thanks for the add" kindly be courteous enough to respond back instead of this pathetic lame attack you tried. It makes you look like a complete idiot.

Take a look at this article and learn something or two.


Talk about the most narrow-minded queen I've ever encountered in my life that didn't even have proper manners to take a second to talk to me even after I had thanked him for adding me to my list of FB friends. PATHETIC.
Unlike this idiot, I read everything and don't believe the shit that the major corporate-controlled media outlets want us to believe. I think OBAMA has made history. I've always said that and its long overdue. My views are more liberal if anything but I detest what is happening because we, THE TAXPAYERS are being screwed. And most people don't realize that we are not being told the whole truth of what is going on.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Mr. Brooks,

I write this entry in response to your cruel, and ignorant article called "MONEY FOR IDIOTS".

The nation’s economy is not just the sum of its individuals. It is an interwoven context that we all share. To stabilize that communal landscape, sometimes you have to shower money upon those who have been foolish or self-indulgent. The greedy idiots may be greedy idiots, but they are our countrymen. And at some level, we’re all in this together. If their lives don’t stabilize, then our lives don’t stabilize.

First off, you are a coward. Do you even realize what you are saying? By that quote, you are saying that those responsible should not be punished and thrown in jail for economic treason???? Welcome to corporatist America where the top 1% (people like you) control 90% of what is going on in this country. It is people like you that brought our economy to shit, applauds the manipulation of markets, the corruption of government, and the systematic repression and exploitation of the poor.

I'm not a communist as such I believe in capitalism so long as we as American citizens have strong regulations and every one of us has our eyes WATCHING our government and call for stronger protections against corporate interests. I am anti-corporation and I'd like to see "business as usual" and the people that support them eradicated off the face of the earth.
I also support the idea of EVERY American being armed to the teeth (call it a citizen army if you will) to be prepared to fight the top 1% of the crooks.
The bad guys are WALL STREET all the way to CEOs of very evil companies like the recently renamed BLACKWATER now XE Corporation and other companies Monsanto.

It is these people, not the true conservative or religious right that think that they are holding every one of us hostage. Make no mistake Mr. Brooks, we will have a violent French Revolution here in the U.S.A. and when that does happen, these people that you so steadfastly suckle and cater to will be facing the collective guillotine.

300 years ago, French society found out what the poor majority working class thought about a one-sided system that screwed them while benefiting the small but very wealthy elite of the country.
I was talking to a friend at a local watering hole one night about politics and he said something that really brought up a very interesting thought.
He said that "The rich in this country have very little to fear because of soldier-for-hire companies like XE that are protecting them." I said in response to him that 300 years ago the wealthy elite French arrogantly thought the very same thing and they were protected (or so they thought) until they were deserted and saw violent mobs bring many of their colleagues to justice by beheading them.
Too many people are extremely angry at what has happened over the last 80 years including the most recent of events. How is it that you can even sleep at night knowing that there are so many people in this in this country alone facing huge debt and they have little or no way of getting of it? Many cannot even find work as many jobs are shipped overseas???
We may not live to see it but history is about to repeat itself in United States. Justice will be served. The sad part is that many people will die when this does come.

I mean think about it. So many people across this country (never mind the rest of the world) are facing financial ruin at the hands of crooks of the financial sector and the banking system, while these same scum of the earth that you feel deserve a break are walking away with their pockets filled with unimaginable wealth. I have hatred against the banks, WALL STREET, and corporations that have created this bullshit "free market/globalization" idea which is nothing more than covert operation to make an insane amount of wealth for a few on the backs of the many.
That is the biggest PONZI scheme of the 21rst century that was devised in the 19th.

Where the hell is the help people like me need? People need well-paying jobs, health care, and to be out of debt. Why are you on the side of the people that are directly responsible for the failure last year??????

Monday, April 13, 2009


There is not one person that I haven't spoken to that doesn't check out adult oriented sites. Hell, I'm guilty of it and so is my man and all of my friends ;)

And since I live in San Francisco just like New York, there's no shortage of men. But the small-town factor is the only thing that can be a double-edge sword in SF but non-existent in NY.

Since coming out here on vacation two years ago and now a resident, sexuality in the air is normal here. I've had more offers of ass that would keep a top man happy for the rest of his natural born life, LOL.

But the other day I came across something that I was taken back a bit and wasn't quite sure what to make of it. I've watched documentaries of people that had a gender identity crisis and had sexual reassignment surgeries to become the opposite sex of what they were born (female-to-male, male-to-female) and some were quite shocking to see. If they didn't tell you, you would never know.

Out of all places, it had to be on XTUBE I found BUCK ANGEL getting hot & heavy with another guy. I wasn't turned on by watching this, but it's something kind of freekish that you can't look away, LOL....

Growing up being taught all my life what is a man and a woman, and what is supposedly "normal" behavior, then discovering that I'm gay, and figuring out what my taste is, it's very strange to see a man with cunt (and I'm talking about an actual real-born vagina/ovula) and getting banged by another fellow queer. I mean let's be honest here for a sec, this is a woman that went through every operation and takes male hormones to physically look like a man, but "down there" has decided to retain the female sex organs.

Out of respect, I'll keep the FTM label.

Clear observation shows the guy doing the banging gets traffic up his hairy asshole on a regular basis.
Not that there's anything wrong with that and I'm not judging with anything I read or observed either, but still a bit strange to see. What's funny is that Buck is a good-looking guy and you would never guess that he is an FTM if he didn't tell you either. It reminded me yet again that things are not always what they seem.

But it also goes to show that in our gay society there are plenty shades of gray and we should be accepting and embracing all of it, not just the things we like.

Buck you and people like you are UNIQUE and are role models for the transsexual community. You have my respect for your courage to live your life open, as honestly and to the fullest.


Marilyn Chambers, the pretty Ivory Snow girl who helped bring hard-core adult films into the mainstream consciousness when she starred in the explicit 1972 movie "Behind the Green Door," has died at 56. The actress was born in Providence. Her grandparents and parents were born and raised in Rhode Island. Her father graduated from Brown University, and a cousin and an uncle still live in Narragansett.

Chambers, born Marilyn Ann Briggs, on April 22, 1952, got her start in adult films after answering an ad placed in a San Francisco newspaper by pioneering adult filmmakers Jim and Artie Mitchell.

Married and divorced three times, she is survived by her daughter, McKenna Marie Taylor; her brother, Bill Briggs; and her sister, Jann Smith.

R.I.P. Marilyn. You were a pioneer standing the test of time.

NOM - Gathering Storm - What Storm? (My Response)

Response to NOM's "Gathering Storm" ad


Wednesday, April 8, 2009


There are some things worth reading that are just too funny to pass up.

I swear man I fell off the chair laughing when I read this article. It's as if John & Lorena Bobbitt were in the headlines all over again.

You know over the years I met people that have pissed me off beyond what I could take, but you have to wonder the psychological make-up of an individual when they do something like this. Ever since the infamous act of Lorena Bobbitt against her ex-husband John, we're seeing a trend that's become socially acceptable when there's a case of domestic violence.

I remember having this discussion with my sister and she made it quite clear that she was "
glad that happened to him as he got what he deserved
". As man, I couldn't help but feel bad for Mr. Bobbitt's predicament so naturally I didn't agree with her. She went further saying that "
if it was a black or another Latina they wouldn't budge and NOT tell the cops where it is
". That cracked me up.

I'm not condoning this but I wonder: if it was a gay couple and it was either a black man or Latino brother that was the victim of domestic abuse, would he have bitten it off and swallowed it? Or instead opted to toss it in the middle of nowhere and not tell the cops where it is LOL?

But then again, I live in San Francisco and this town I've learned quick anything pretty much goes ;)