Saturday, April 18, 2009


I LOVE Facebook. It is a great social network. But like anything else, you will run into the few that will but heads with you. In this such case, a user added me a days before only for me to find out later that he removed me simply because he did not like a few posts I had on my profile, and by those posts, he made some rather false assumptions and judgements about me which I honestly wanted to slug him in the face.

here's the lovely conversation with the message title "uh" thereby you can see the kind of airhead-filled personality I was dealing with :

FB USER : No thanks Joe! While you are very handsome on the outside, I didnt care for all your politics in the past few days hitting on the BEST thing that has happened to this country since Clinton. Obama is going to pull us out of this mess. The stimulus money is already working. The banks are making money and paying back the money they were given. The tea parties were for morons that hopped on a "take down the black president" bus. Its not going to happen overnight. Hell it took BUSH 8 years to change all of his policies to help put millions in his and his friends pockets. People quickly forget Bush's first 8 months in office. I will never understand gay republicans. There was a lot said about them on Sirrius OutQ's Michealangelo show this past week.

MY RESPONSE: So you judged me without first talking to me. Great. I am NOT a gay republican that's the first thing nor am I conservative. In fact, I find it detestful that any queer would support a group that further demonizes us.
stop being the typical queer that goes for looks first then judges when they don't like what the person stands for without actually hearing and talking to the person.
Your lack of an open mind and questioning what is happening in this country shows that you are not carefully paying close attention. I read everything from the RAW STORY, to the Washington post, to the NY Times and everything in between.

I don't subscribe to any side when it comes to politics whether right or left and I point out everything I get to read to make everyone aware of what is going on.
Let me explain something else to you that you need to understand: OBAMA is a corporatist and his interests are in line with WALL STREET and the bankers. You should read more before you judge because you may find that what our government is doing is not really serving your best interests.
And just to let you know, the tea parties were a smokescreen for the ultra rich scumbags that brought this country to its knees.

the next time someone says something like "thanks for the add" kindly be courteous enough to respond back instead of this pathetic lame attack you tried. It makes you look like a complete idiot.

Take a look at this article and learn something or two.


Talk about the most narrow-minded queen I've ever encountered in my life that didn't even have proper manners to take a second to talk to me even after I had thanked him for adding me to my list of FB friends. PATHETIC.
Unlike this idiot, I read everything and don't believe the shit that the major corporate-controlled media outlets want us to believe. I think OBAMA has made history. I've always said that and its long overdue. My views are more liberal if anything but I detest what is happening because we, THE TAXPAYERS are being screwed. And most people don't realize that we are not being told the whole truth of what is going on.

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