Wednesday, April 8, 2009


There are some things worth reading that are just too funny to pass up.

I swear man I fell off the chair laughing when I read this article. It's as if John & Lorena Bobbitt were in the headlines all over again.

You know over the years I met people that have pissed me off beyond what I could take, but you have to wonder the psychological make-up of an individual when they do something like this. Ever since the infamous act of Lorena Bobbitt against her ex-husband John, we're seeing a trend that's become socially acceptable when there's a case of domestic violence.

I remember having this discussion with my sister and she made it quite clear that she was "
glad that happened to him as he got what he deserved
". As man, I couldn't help but feel bad for Mr. Bobbitt's predicament so naturally I didn't agree with her. She went further saying that "
if it was a black or another Latina they wouldn't budge and NOT tell the cops where it is
". That cracked me up.

I'm not condoning this but I wonder: if it was a gay couple and it was either a black man or Latino brother that was the victim of domestic abuse, would he have bitten it off and swallowed it? Or instead opted to toss it in the middle of nowhere and not tell the cops where it is LOL?

But then again, I live in San Francisco and this town I've learned quick anything pretty much goes ;)

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