Friday, April 24, 2009


I was a Comcast high-speed internet subscriber in late 2005 until I was booted 7 months later in the summer of 2006 for violating a fuzzy acceptable use policy that was purposely and vaguely written by lawyers designed to shield this company from liability.

Each month for the better part of this and the last decade, Comcast would contact the top 1,000 users of its 14.4 million user network, regardless of how much data they had transferred, and warn them that they were violating the acceptable use policy. When users asked what the limit was, they were simply told that there are NO LIMITS and that they needed to stay out of the top 1,000 user list—something impossible to know.

In 2008, Comcast was sued and paid the state of Florida $150,000 to deal with this exact issue and the ambiguity that surrounded it. The state attorney general said that “a ‘top 1,000′ criteria, as previously applied, did not clearly and conspicuously disclose to the consumer the specific amount of bandwidth deemed to be excessive under Comcast’s subscriber agreements.”

In response, Comcast adopted the explicit 250GB/month cap.

I decided to take my fight against them by posting videos on YOU TUBE and contacting several media outlets in getting the word out. I can tell you that it was the most vicious fight I’ve ever encountered. By my actions, I found out that there were others out there that had the same experience as I.

I and other former subscribers demanded that they show “proof” of “excessive use” and was repeatedly refused the request. What shocked me more, is how defensive this company really is. Comcast is scary. They hate net neutrality and don’t like media spotlight focusing against them. Brian Roberts is called “The Dark Lord Of The Internet”. He is psychopath like Rupert Murdoch determined to be the gatekeeper of the flow of information.

We need real broadband competition not these mediocre services provided by huge greedy monopolies.

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  1. On September 28th I was contacted by a Facebook user that came across my blog letting me know that he was threatened by Comcast for the same fuzzy violation.

    This is my response towards him:

    If you were threatened, the chances are that disconnection is imminent. They are trigger happy and they are going to do it. You won't get a second warning. Get rid of them. I have had DSL with Verizon & AT&T now and have had very little issues with either one of them.

    My fight with Comcast began 3 years ago but I wasn't alone. There are others out there that took a more vicious approach. The best advice I can give anyone in fighting a corporate behemoth like them is to tell the truth. They don't want people to know what they've been doing for the better part of this and the last decade. Do not be bullied or silenced.
    Check out this blog Mr. Thomas:
    This man faced comcast head on like me and with damaging evidence.

    My blog is varied on many topics. Its all issues of things we the public need to know about. Most of the stuff that's posted, you will never hear the major media outlets speak about. This Comcast issue was one of many I threatened Comcast with bringing attention to. The NYTIMES, SF Chronicle, Boston Herald, CNN were a few of several mainstream outlets me and others shed light on. Comcast was very quick and defensive against Frank Carrero & even with damning evidence, LOL.

    No matter. Whatever side you're on whether it be conservative or liberal, just remember that were number 16 in the world as far as internet deployment in this country. AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon have huge monopolies/duopolies in the country and have painted a rosy picture of where they serve explaining that there is nothing wrong with our current position and it's sad really.

    Net Neutrality is an issue that WE NEED.

    Thanks man, Joe V.


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