Thursday, May 28, 2009

THE GOP and their bullshit health care plan

It never ceases to amaze me that the Republican GOP is back with the same bullshit tax credit plan which supposedly is to take away the tax deductions currently given to employer’s who pay towards their employees’ health care insurance and replace it was a tax credit for individuals and families to help them buy their own insurance. Yep, that's pretty much it. It turns out that Republicans don’t want to fix health care , they want use taxpayer money to subsidize the continuation of the same broken down system we’ve already got.

The good news is that the Republican proposal is very easy to understand because there isn’t much there. The bad news is that it does absolutely nothing to reform or improve American health care or to reduce the rising costs that threaten to choke the nation’s economy.

As the writer concludes:

People of all political persuasions have an equally hard time paying for health coverage just as people of all political persuasions have problems dealing with misbehaving insurance companies. A middle-income, right leaning evangelical is no better off than a middle- income, left leaning college professor. Ryan and company have, in the service of their special interest masters, given the finger to all Americans, including those who think they support the GOP platform.

To Rep. Ryan I have but one question - Are you prepared to give up your own federal government, employer provided, “best in the nation” health insurance plan in exchange for a tax credit? As your employer, I think I have the right to know the answer to this question. Because I cannot imagine that you and your friends actually believe that that you can stick us with a deteriorating health care option while you continue to collect your free of charge and incredibly generous health care benefits.

Or could you?

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