Sunday, July 12, 2009


Troy is an amazing writer. Here is a piece that is very inspirational to us all:

I realized when I put "why am I always so relentlessly happy" as my status a few days ago .. that even if I'm angry, hungry, hurt or sad .. I'm still kind of a little bit happy.

Then I started keeping a list about why. Here's why.

Feel free to add your own, comment or question.



1. Have few wants.

2. Do not try to be in a romantic relationship with someone who doesn't love and respect you, deeply.

3. Give a lot, often, and without expectation of return or reward.

4. Take the time to connect with children or animals whenever you encounter them.

6. Make eye contact and a mental note of respect toward all living things that you encounter.

7. Don't wait to say something caring. Say it right then.

8. Share what you have and don't overly think about it. In a very real way, nothing you have is really yours.

9. Cook and share what you cook. Good smells around the house .. happy.

10. Have art around you. Have books around you. These things and food cooking will bring people and other people are the closest and most usual experience of God that you will have in this lifetime.

11. Let yourself feel your feelings. But then remember that not all feelings are facts. Question it, is there another way to look at it?

12. Laugh at yourself, lovingly. No one laughs harder when I trip on the sidewalk than I.

13. Be different. If you're being different while being yourself then you're onto something.

14. Read. Some of the happiest people I know are readers.

15. Express yourself. To yourself mostly.

16. Don't try overly hard to make others happy. The most intensely miserable people of all time are those who slave to win approval from others which they will never get anyway because no one can respect anyone who does that. It's a massive waste of time.

17. Let yourself be present at the moment of someone's death. -And birth. At some point, you will have, quite without trying, the chance to see someone die or be borne. Do not shrink away from it, look directly at it, don't judge it as gruesome or ugly. Look right at it, you will walk away different. It is nothing like in the movies or television. The change will be substantial and good. Even peaceful. That is real life.

18. I don't overly identify with my physical support. I don't make the mistake of thinking I am my body. If you've done number 17 you'll realize that people are energy. Energy which is very briefly, very temporarily in a body, but that people are not their bodies. The body has it's place, but it's not your true you, nor your true home. When you stop identifying with your physical support you will have fewer experiences of this world and more experiences beyond this world, which is what you want.

19. I don't overeat.

20. I am eager to love.

21. Eager to forgive.

22. I am eager to laugh.

23. Eager to listen.

24. Avoid people that do not ask you about yourself when you see them, or who do not pause to let you speak when they are talking. Communication is both talking and then listening. People have forgotten this. I've had people tell me about things, events, places and people I knew better than they but who never stopped to ask me about it. I just smile and move on.

25. It is my belief that fruit is a mood stabilizer. It works, it also produces a subtle lift.

26. Eat happy food: Processed food tends toward boredom and depression. Real flavors favor inspiration and action. Your food has a very specific mood effect, just like taking a pill.

27. Live somewhere that puts you in state of wonder year round.

27. Have many enthusiasms. Earnestly feed them.

28. Whether they have died or are just in the next room-- Whenever you miss someone, miss them with a smile and not with tears. It will feel very different. For you, and for them.

29. Talk to the people who you have loved who are now dead. They can hear you, and even respond. If you speak honestly and listen deeply. Even someone alive and far away can hear you if you speak to them and you can hear them. Distance means nothing.

30. Learn to say "I don't know" and have it not diminish your sense of yourself. It's ridiculous that people think they have to know everything all the time.

31. Learn to say "I'm sorry". Nothing you've EVER done "wrong" affects your true value which is beyond the things of this world. You are a divine expression of the most mystical power in the Universe. Who cares if you don't want to do something or don't know how. Even when you are messing up, you're still loveable and worthy of love.

32. You are not better or worse than anyone else. Don't put people on pedestals, unless you'll put everyone on one. Including yourself.

33. Nothing you do is more important than who you are. If you've achieved great things in your job but your loved ones don't know your heart or haven't felt your care, you're messing up. Big time. The accomplishments in the lab, on the computer, the book you wrote, the breakthrough .. the PHD program .. everything you achieve means nothing if you haven't connected deeply with the people you've loved the most. WHY DO THIS? Because if you do .. then you realize that the love feeling that comes from the commitment to the relationship .. is closer to who you really are than even the body you are in.

34. I remember that I am connected to every other living person and every living thing in this world as if cells on one giant body the farthest limits and reaches of I could never see or even hope to see.

If one thing on this list helps one person, I'm glad I shared it.


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