Wednesday, August 26, 2009


ME: Native New Yorker. Current Residence: San Francisco, CA/Bay Area. I'm in the right place according to this graph, hehehehe.

R.I.P. Edward Kennedy (1932 --2009)

The end of an era.

Edward M. Kennedy, one of the most powerful and influential senators in American history and one of three brothers whose political triumphs and personal tragedies captivated the nation for decades, died at 77.
Rest in peace Senator.

Monday, August 24, 2009

R.I.P. RENE NIEVES (aka. Ray) (1964-2008)

No matter how many people pass on from this life to another, no of us will ever get used to that. I just learned from a friend back east that a mutual friend we knew is gone.

Rene Nieves (a.k.a. Ray) he was born November 8, 1964. He passed away on October 16, 2008 at the age of 43 of lung cancer. He was special. His love of life and his passion for helping other people will forever be a part of all those he touched including me. -Keith

I first began talking to Ray almost 10 years ago through the internet but I was an idiot and shy back then in coming out to meet him in person. It was only 2 years ago (winter 2007) in Boston at the Alley bar that this one unexpected chance encounter with him, Rey Rey & his boyfriend (that were visiting out-of-town), and a couple of other gentlemen (who were also out-of-towners) made it the most enjoyable night I will never forget.

Later on, Ray introduced me to his ex and best friend Keith just before he and his hubby decided to begin their new lives in Spain.
Ray moved back to New York to be closer to his family so I was sorry to see him go just as I was getting to know him. At the time I didn't know how gravely ill he was nor did he ever tell me the full details. I never asked either.

Rest In Peace Ray. You will always be remembered.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I love San Francisco on a Friday night.....

The Mona Lisa Restaurant located at the North Beach neighborhood in San Francisco, CA.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

And I just wrecked my diet......

I realize that it was busy at lunch hour and I shouldn't expect much from people that are working at or above minimum wage.
I ordered chicken strips and instead (when the manager on duty called out my number ) I received a HUGE order of legs and breasts instead. I knew they fucked up but I also didn't bother to check until I got home. No matter. It's still good chicken. Even though I just wrecked my diet, I'm not gonna waste food.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Full Story of Poster Altercation at McCaskill Event: by Peter Glickert

Caught this video on Michael Moore's website. WATCH IT & SPREAD THE WORD

This video provides the full breadth of what happened at Senator Claire McCaskill's town hall event in Hillsboro, Missouri.

I must make one thing clear, it is not the intention of this video in any way shape or form to blame the actions of the police officers. They were doing their job and this video is intended to highlight the discrepancies between what was covered by the media and what was not. In addition to how biased those in attendance were towards the 4 black females. If they were fair then they would have shown the same displeasure towards the 3 white audience members holding the "Don't tread on me" flags, which were held up the entire town hall event.


I can now breathe a sigh of relief after almost 6 years.

I was on the phone this morning with a debt collector and negotiated to bring down and get rid of the only credit card/debt I was unable to pay off because of lack of finding steady work in the first year of living out here in the Bay Area. Both Victor & now I make good enough money that we don't need the plastic and it's funny: I had the gold from SEARS before I defaulted. It was the only credit card I've ever had and will be the last credit card I own.

I essentially negotiated and brought the debt down to pay it off and wipe it from my record for good. Even when I owned it and was in good outstanding payments with them, I NEVER used it other than one time to replace the transmission on the Dodge Intrepid when it failed.

I will NEVER get another credit card ever again so long as I walk this earth in this life.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I never thought that I'd ever be employed by a section of the federal government at the Department Of Homeland Security. The choice to take my career to the public sector was more of a last resort. 160,000 IT jobs have been lost in the Bay Area alone, plus this looks really good on my resume'. It didn't come soon enough as the hiring process was tedious and lengthy. One thing I've learned is that the government knows EVERYTHING about every American citizen with a social security number. You have a number, you're on the grid, and they know what you've been up to. If you want a job with the feds, you have to prove to them that you are good enough having a clean record, and that you are telling the truth.

4 months on the job traveling from site to site seeing southern California has been amazing and a great learning experience. Imperial Valley was a harsh desert environment 2 hours east of San Diego smack in the middle of nowhere that I became ill but quickly recovered. Aliso Viejo in Orange County of Los Angeles was wealth upon wealth that I've never seen in my life. Otay Mesa in San Diego county was another desert environment in the middle of nowhere.
One thing that struck me immediately is that CA while progressive on many political fronts, is largely a very conservative state and it reflected on all of these sites.
Orange County was the most unique and here's why: while the area is politically very conservative, the residents sure don't dress the part. I saw women with bigger hair, more make-up, bigger tits, and shorter dresses. The men for the most part were trimmed, buffed, or leaner and hit the gym regularly. Evidence of that was clear to me when I was eating my dinner in the hotel's restaurant and I swear I was the fattest guy in the room.

I expected everyone to be rude and stuck up especially in the O.C.. Not at all. Everyone was very nice at each location. Being from the east coast, I saw that these places have a lot in common with the rich areas of old New England and even New York City. Meeting some longtime friends while I was on location also made these experiences enjoyable.

While I love the Bay Area, there are some things that are simply too in your face that should not be tolerated in San Francisco that certainly would not be tolerated anywhere else and honestly? Why should it be? I support freedom and equality for everyone but let's have respect for our fellow citizens.