Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I never thought that I'd ever be employed by a section of the federal government at the Department Of Homeland Security. The choice to take my career to the public sector was more of a last resort. 160,000 IT jobs have been lost in the Bay Area alone, plus this looks really good on my resume'. It didn't come soon enough as the hiring process was tedious and lengthy. One thing I've learned is that the government knows EVERYTHING about every American citizen with a social security number. You have a number, you're on the grid, and they know what you've been up to. If you want a job with the feds, you have to prove to them that you are good enough having a clean record, and that you are telling the truth.

4 months on the job traveling from site to site seeing southern California has been amazing and a great learning experience. Imperial Valley was a harsh desert environment 2 hours east of San Diego smack in the middle of nowhere that I became ill but quickly recovered. Aliso Viejo in Orange County of Los Angeles was wealth upon wealth that I've never seen in my life. Otay Mesa in San Diego county was another desert environment in the middle of nowhere.
One thing that struck me immediately is that CA while progressive on many political fronts, is largely a very conservative state and it reflected on all of these sites.
Orange County was the most unique and here's why: while the area is politically very conservative, the residents sure don't dress the part. I saw women with bigger hair, more make-up, bigger tits, and shorter dresses. The men for the most part were trimmed, buffed, or leaner and hit the gym regularly. Evidence of that was clear to me when I was eating my dinner in the hotel's restaurant and I swear I was the fattest guy in the room.

I expected everyone to be rude and stuck up especially in the O.C.. Not at all. Everyone was very nice at each location. Being from the east coast, I saw that these places have a lot in common with the rich areas of old New England and even New York City. Meeting some longtime friends while I was on location also made these experiences enjoyable.

While I love the Bay Area, there are some things that are simply too in your face that should not be tolerated in San Francisco that certainly would not be tolerated anywhere else and honestly? Why should it be? I support freedom and equality for everyone but let's have respect for our fellow citizens.


  1. I used to live close to that area of southern OC (and it's mostly the southern part where you were that is the more nutso-right-wing part). It's beautiful but not the most diverse crowd in the world, and too religious for me. One notable exception is Laguna Beach, which has a pretty good-sized gay population.

    It's definitely NOT San Francisco, lol. I find the Bay Area in general to be much, MUCH more interesting than Southern California!

  2. The Bay Area is very interesting indeed and I completely understand why so many gay people come here. Many are not indigenous to the area coming from different places and very broken, abusive lives. They want the freedom from the persecution they endured back home.

    However there is a price for the liberal freedoms and tolerance that is found in San Francisco.


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