Wednesday, October 14, 2009

WARNING: GRAPHIC. Watch: Brutal NYC Gay Bashing Captured on Video (Originally Posted by Joe.My.God)

Surveillance video has been released of the savage anti-gay hate crime that happened in Queens early Friday morning. Jack Price, 49, is in a medically-induced coma on a respirator at New York Hospital as a result of a brutal attack by two men who yelled anti-gay slurs at him after he visited a corner deli.

Watch the video, AFTER THE JUMP...

Price sustained a fractured jaw, ribs and a lacerated spleen

Rodriguez 26-year-old Daniel Aleman has been charged with assault and aggravated assault as a hate crime. the second suspect, Daniel Rodiguez, is still at large. Aleman's attorney insists he was fighting in self-defense. Right.

UPDATE: Daniel Rodriguez has been arrested. "On Tuesday, the United States Marshals Service arrested one of the suspects, Daniel Rodriguez, 21, in Norfolk, Va. Mr. Rodriguez, who has family in the area, was located through tips to the New York Police Department’s Real Time Crime Center, the police said. Charges in New York were pending, the police said, but it was unclear Tuesday night precisely when Mr. Rodriguez would be extradited."

As a gay man growing up back on the east coast, I was always reminded of why we always had to live under the shadows and in fear because of the religious bigots raising teaching young people to hate. Watching this video made me physically ill, made me cry, and angered me to the point where I want to hunt these young men down and kill them for what they did to one of our own.

I always swore that if anyone ever threatened me or anyone that I love, I'd fight to the death and if it's me or them I would kill or be killed. But one way or another that attacker will remember that he fucked with the wrong person.

You hate mongering cowards will never break us. Justice will be served.

Let this video forever circulate on the internet to remind our community of why we must continue our fight for equality & justice.

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