Sunday, November 22, 2009

Why is this plant declared illegal?

Why is this plant declared illegal when there are so many legitimate reasons for use of it?

Friday, November 20, 2009



I know I'm a decent person. Other than a few speeding tickets, I've never been in trouble with the law in my 37 years of my life and I will defend myself and my dignity until the day I die. Why don't we go through this again as it's obvious that you're so stupid to ever get your head out of someone else's ass long enough to understand what happened shall we?

I was good to you. I was always honest with you. And all I ever wanted was the truth. I never asked you for anything else.
The scariest thing in the world is opening up to someone that you thought you knew very well and you trusted completely, repeatedly swore that he never lied to you, yet what he told you is vague and evasive, and upon meeting them in person, you realize you're staring into the empty eyes of a stranger, he is not who he says he is, you find out that you were not the only one being made a complete fool out of, he is defensive of his actions making excuses and blaming everyone else, he made out like a bandit, he keeps company with people that have fucked him over in the past and would do it again, while throwing me under a bus, and when all is said and done, he won't look you in the face knowing full well he is at fault for the fallout because he is too much of a fucking pussy coward to ever admit he did anything wrong.

This is a sociopath and a wolf in sheep's clothing. Like it or not, this is what happened between you & I (and everyone else before me for that matter), and what I did is call you out on all of it. What you hate is the truth. And this is why you hate me.

But the best definition to describe you is "cold, calculating charm and bullshit filled with evasive sarcasm as a defense all wrapped around an electric guitar" that is an opportunistic son of a bitch that like any whore will use anyone to satisfy your greed. In your eyes, people are just tools for you use. You don't care about anyone except yourself.

I wonder when you get up every morning how can you look at yourself in the mirror.

I held on for way too long because I wanted answers to what kind of person I was dealing with not realizing the answers were already in front of me staring at me in the face but I ignored what my gut was telling me. I should have walked away immediately when I suspected that you were telling me what you thought I wanted to hear. I realized down the road later on you were talking out of your ass and nothing you ever said meant much. If I had a dollar for the numerous times you swore to me even in person that "you never lied to me", all my debts would have been paid.

I'm no victim so take your crock of bullshit and shove it. I don't care about you at all anymore. The one thing that you were immensely successful at is "hurting the fuck outta me" as you put it which made you completely repulsive.

I've wrestled so many times with this shit from being so angry at you to trying to remember the "good".

I never take kindly to threats. So if you're going to intimidate me with baseless, empty threats and try to make things much harder for me out here especially since I'm still new to the bay area, make sure you get your facts straight and go right ahead and try. That way, I can go ahead and expose you and the shit you pulled to me and everyone else before, during, after you screwed me over and are doing to some other innocent unsuspecting soul. Unlike me, you have a lot to lose and you're not about to jeopardize everything you worked so hard for, and I am not afraid of you.
You're so stupid you don't realize the whole world is laughing at you. And you're a pathetic coward that every time you get caught, you run away rather than facing the people you hurt. Be careful of the next person you cross as your luck will eventually run out.

Deny it all you want, but I know that you still follow every single word I say. Why you do it is a question I've given up trying to understand. Everyone that knows and read everything between us has said to that "you're crazy, plain and simple", while others have said that this "was intense unlike anything they've ever seen". Maybe they're right. Three years of your shit kept me up at night, drove me nuts, and made me question myself and the people in my life. You're a selfish asshole that will never understand the damage you've done.

Even though I finally forgave you, I hope you burn in hell. I can't stand the sight of you. People like you deserve nothing, are not wanted, and die alone.

A word of advice: Don't bother joining Facebook. You are not welcome there. There's a reason why trash sticks with others of the same caliber like yourself. BEAR411 is the only place that tolerates your kind. FUCK YOU. Have a nice life.


I read these books and totally engrossed by what I learned. 4 years ago unaware I came across a person like this. Never again.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Peter LaBarbera, 47, is president of Americans For Truth (about Homosexuality, or AFTAH), a group dedicated to exposing the homosexual activist agenda. Founded as a part-time venture in 1996 but reorganized in August 2006, AFTAH seeks to apply the same single-minded determination to opposing the radical homosexual agenda and standing for God-ordained sexuality and the natural family as countless homosexual groups do in promoting their harmful agenda.
Americans For Truth is a rare single-issue national group on the other side of this critical “culture war” issue. Meanwhile, there are over a dozen national American “gay” groups with annual budgets ranging from just under $1 million to over $30 million working to advance this agenda — which threatens to criminalize Christian opposition to behavior that most Americans believe is wrong.

Recently, a fellow blogger named Joe Jervis of blog "Joe.My.God" came under accusation by AFTAH's douche bag LaBarbera for comments by fellow readers supposedly inciting violence against "good Christians". I'd like everyone of you to take a look at this man. He is the face of the radical christian right wing hate machine in this country. People like this man are determined to overthrow our democratic government and replace it with a theocratical one where women are stripped of their hard fought rights and they are forced back into subservience to men, and all minorities that do not fit this moron's ideal view of "God's perfect society" are persecuted and eliminated.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


5 Nov 2009 // Washington, D.C. – Today, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) asked Health and Human Service (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to investigate why the Center for Disease Control (CDC) approved the distribution of the H1NI vaccine to Wall Street firms at a time when the vaccine is unavailable to most Americans.
Recent news reports indicate 13 companies, including Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and Time Warner, have been cleared to receive the vaccine.
The CDC is distributing the much sought-after vaccine to Wall Street firms despite reports of vast shortages. In fact, just yesterday CDC Director Thomas Frieden informed Congress that only 32.3 million doses are available, far less than the 159 million needed to cover those at the highest risk. Given the scarce supply, the CDC has recommended the vaccine be directed only to those at highest risk: pregnant women, infants and children and those up to 24 years, those who care for infants, health and emergency services personnel, and adults with compromised immune systems or other chronic health problems.
Melanie Sloan, executive director of CREW said today, “Although CREW has been unable to uncover the demographic makeup of Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and JP Morgan Chase, it seems safe to assume the vast majority of their employees are not pregnant women, infants and children, young adults up to 24 years old, and healthcare workers.”
State officials are concerned about the shortages. The head of Alabama’s Department of Public Health testified that 62% of the vaccines ordered by the state will not be available until after December 1, 2009 and the director of Minnesota’s St. Paul Ramsey County Department of Public Health said he is expecting only 7,800 doses for more than 20,000 children. Los Angeles County’s three public hospitals ordered 110,000 vaccines, but have received only about 18,000 doses, and UCLA’s two hospitals received 1,000 doses for 10,000 staff and 35,000 patients.
This situation is echoed around the country, leaving most of those seeking the vaccine unable to receive it with no remedy in sight. Frieden admitted, “It is quite likely the current wave of influenza will peak, crest and begin to decline before there are ample supplies of the vaccine.”
Sloan said, “In what world do Wall Street employees deserve to be vaccinated ahead of high-risk children, pregnant women and health care workers? Unfortunately, for the thousands being turned away in clinics across America, the CDC has decided to prioritize the millionaires over the masses. The public has a right to know how and why this has happened and when it will stop.” Sloan continued, “First, the bailout, then the bonuses, now the vaccine. When will Washington start putting the needs of Main Street above those of Wall Street?”

I'd like to know WHY the douche bag robbers in WALL STREET are getting the H1N1 Flu Vaccine ahead of the rest of the country??

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Carrie Prejean is an idiot and an embarrassment for the hypocritical religious right

Carrie Prejean demanded more than a million dollars during her settlement negotiations with Miss California USA Pageant officials -- that is, until the lawyer for the Pageant showed Carrie an XXX home video of her handiwork.

The video the lawyer showed Carrie is extremely graphic and has never been released publicly. We know that, because TMZ obtained the video months ago but decided not to post it because it was so racy. Let's just say, Carrie has a promising solo career.

We're told it took about 15 seconds for Carrie to jettison her demand and essentially walk away with nothing. As we first reported, the Pageant is paying around $100,000 to her lawyers and publicist -- a fraction of her bills. She pockets nothing in the settlement.

History of Iran- (a must see for any Ron Paul Supporter) WW3 Russia

Now I'm not a supporter of Ron Paul, but watching this video the narrator fails to point out that it is NOT governments that are responsible for IRAN's demise, rather it is OIL COMPANIES/CORPORATIONS that in using the U.S., British, French, Russia, China, and every superpower in the world that is responsible.


I was huge fan of the original so seeing this re-imagining of the 1981-1983 series is interesting if not creepier. I'm hoping that the principal original cast make cameos or guest appearances. So far, very nicely done.