Friday, December 25, 2009

Before you purchase a computer with a blu-ray drive (burner or ROM)

For those of you that are considering purchasing a computer with a blu-ray drive installed, i thought I'd post this itsy bitsy info: Vic & I spent the day watching several movies in blu format ending with PUBLIC ENEMIES. But I did tell Vic that the film DISTRICT 9 had an option screen before the main menu came up displaying two images consisting of HUMAN and the other ALIEN which my guess being is that there's two versions of the film on the disc. But unfortunately, every time I selected the ALIEN option, the blu-ray player locked up. Annoys me to no end. But what do you expect with new technology? I shouldn't be even surprised.

Anyway, ever since Vic purchased his new Vaio made by Sony, he's been using a lot but never tested the blu-ray drive to see if it actually can read commercial blu-ray movies. As it turned it out, it didn't. I checked online, and come to find out, SONY Corporation has not licensed the codecs to every software manufacturer. I was pissed. You would think that a manufacturer that designed, built both hardware AND software would make sure that it is supported and works on every platform available right?

Vic doesn't really care as he doesn't and never has liked to watch movies on the computer and NERO disc burning works. But I figure I'd let all of you know.

Thanks SONY.

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