Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010 From San Francisco, CA!

Happy New Year 2010 from San Francisco, CA. BEST WISHES to all.

To all my buds from back east:
Its been 20 months since Vic & I packed up from back and living out here in the bay area and the first thing that I must tell all of you is that the state of California is a conservative state. I know it appears to the rest of the world that this state is very liberal in its views and politics, but having spent time traveling for the federal government all over this state, about the only thing liberal that exists here is Hollywood and the city of San Francisco.
California is a beautiful state. Everywhere you go (even in the shitty areas the residents consider to be ghetto) are pretty compared to the slums back east I grew up around. This entire area of the country is very different. Not as congested as I thought, unless you hit Los Angeles which I see is the result of powerful corporations. L.A. needs a mass transit system comparable to the MTA of New York City.
San Francisco is a beautiful city. The landscapes, the architechture both natural and man-made is unlike anywhere I've ever seen. Three sides of the city are surrounded by the bay and the Pacific ocean. The politics are quite liberal and even quirky along with the laws of California. Vic & I are always humored by the news whenever the legislature tries to pass a new law either in the city, state, or on the peninsula where we live 10 minutes south outside of the city.
S.F. has huge population of gay folk from all walks of life. Many come here to escape the horrors of where they are from, some come here to start all over, and many come to visit. The city is a safe haven, but its also what you make of it. In the time I've been out here, I've gotten to see just how much S.F. can become a bubble and the lifestyle can quickly consume those that live within its boundaries.
I've met many that think that the carefree, liberal, and extreme tolerance of all walks of life within San Francisco become somehow disillusioned into thinking that everywhere else in the U.S. is the way this city is and if not it should be, which is not the case. I'm not saying that all of its residents hold true to these beliefs, but I've encountered many that have this logic of thinking and have been stunned by people like me when I don't share their views and strongly disagreed with them.
It never ceases to amaze me the cowardly behavior from those that won't look you in the face after you've told them the cold hard facts and you figured out their modus operandi. The games people play and the ones that just never seem to learn. I got a big mouth. I've said some things that others didn't like. After all is said and done, I don't regret any of it because I told the truth, can look in the mirror and be ok with it all.
Like I said, it is not for everybody. As soon as you go elsewhere in the Bay Area, you realize that what's in S.F. stays there and does not go beyond the city. I'm still adjusting to everything here and Vic & I can only take S.F. in so many doses. Despite all that, I love this town and the area. 26 years later, its home.
Come visit. S.F. is an amazing place.

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