Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Prop. 8's opponents sought to illustrate that hostility with their pretrial deposition of William Tam, a San Francisco chemical engineer and activist who was one of the ballot measure's official proponents.

Tam, who organized rallies and raised money for the measure, sent a letter to Prop. 8 supporters during the campaign warning that if same-sex marriage remained legal, "other states would fall into Satan's hand."

San Francisco's government, already "under the rule of homosexuals," would move next to legalize sex with children and prostitution, Tam said.

In his deposition, Tam said he was also concerned that "every child can grow up thinking whether he would marry John or Jane."

Thompson argued that Tam had been speaking only for himself, and noted that Tam has asked Walker to remove him as an official proponent of Prop. 8.

Tam told the judge that his property had been vandalized during the campaign and that he feared further harassment. Walker has not ruled on the request.

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