Sunday, January 9, 2011

The leader of the American taliban

A facebook bud posted this brilliant response which I am resposting :

"the religious in our country often take on the mantle of oppression, claiming to be the victim of a vast and powerful conspiracy of atheists and agnostics who in the view of the religious believe nothing.

The religious in our country view themselves as oppressed, akin to African Americans in the former confederacy in the 1940s, 50s, 60s and 70s. Yet unlike African Americans in the former confederacy during that time people who claim strong and abiding faith hold high elected office and are influential across our nation.

The claim by members of the US religious movement that they are oppressed is false.

What this claim amounts to is that members of the religious movement in the US are oppressed because so far they have not yet been able to use their power and influence to dictate how *OTHERS* live to the extent the religious like. They have not been able to end legal abortions in the US. They have not been able to dictate what medications we can take and for what reasons. They have been successful at advancing discrimination against homosexuals, assuring we have fewer rights than they do and fewer choices for our own lives than they have. In majority of the US you can still be legally and lawfully discriminated against for being homosexual. Yet even in that area many of the religious are dissatisfied. According to Senator Jim DeMint homosexuals and non-celibate unmarried women should not be able to teach school -- a belief more extreme than Ronald Reagan held in the 1970s.

So the religious movement in the US sees themselves and promotes the idea that they are the victims of a secular cabal, I guess led by homosexuals, abortionists, atheists and agnostics, but what they label as victimization of the religious by secularists is the denial of the successful use of their power and influence to dictate how other people live.

Until they can legally block abortion, deny or control the dispensing of birth control pills, demand that every Congressional representative and Senator takes the oath of office on a King James Version Holy Bible, demand each school child take the pledge of allegiance with the words under God in it, demand religious study in taxpayer funded schools, criminalize homosexuality, they will claim that they are oppressed and victimized by the secular cabal that prevents them from using their power and influence to dictate how the rest of us live.

The extremist faith movement in the US is a Christian Taliban movement."

And Sarah Palin is one of the leaders of this extremist faith movement.

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