Friday, January 14, 2011


I need to ask all of you whether you go the gym or not but need to know : how many of you are ok with someone taking an image of you, redistributing on other websites or newsgroups without your permission OR WORSE - posing as you and trying to friend people that you know personally?

I never thought of myself as that great looking (and honestly I still don't). Just an average guy here. But more than a few times I've found images of me (and of several guys I know) re-distributed elsewhere on sites I've never subscribed to and in a few cases, someone posing as me (and as my friends trying to connect with their friends). It's kind of flattering that you want the images to beat off with because you like what you see, but very creepy if you want to assume the person's life.

So my question is this: Are you that lonely and pathetic that you have to do this?

And I ever find you I'm gonna toss your dead ass over the roof. You will find that most will agree with me as they don't take kindly to this form of theft.

Just a warning.

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