Thursday, April 28, 2011

hey TRUMP : you're an idiot. shut the fuck up.

Mr. trump, before you make yourself out to be an even bigger idiot than you already are, people around the country are calling on you to shut up and here's why (quoting the Washington Post) :

I’ll just raise some of the other school-related fallacies in Trump’s argument, such as the inherent suggestion that Columbia and Harvard have a record of making admissions errors and somehow got fooled by the kid from Hawaii, or that there are set minimum requirements, or a particular fitness model, to being offered admission. Neither, of course, is true.
Schools, even in the Ivy League, admit students for all kinds of reasons. Athletes are sometimes admitted for their skill on their field or court rather than their academic prowess, and musicians are accepted for their talent and not their calculus grade, and daughters and sons of philanthropic millionaires and billionaires are sometimes accepted because they are daughters and sons of philanthropic millionaires and billionaires.
That’s something you’d expect Trump to know.
People who went to Occidental College with Obama said he was plenty smart. At Harvard Law School he was selected by his peers as president of the Harvard Law Review, and he graduated magna cum laude. Columbia and Harvard saw something in Obama that they thought was worth fostering. They weren’t wrong.
At some point we can hope that everybody realizes that with this Ivy League nonsense Trump is just being, well, Trump-- and that everybody stops listening.

An asshole is still an asshole no matter how much he smiles when you realize that behind that smile is charm, sarcasm, and bullshit. So Trump, stop talking.

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