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Scare Words from the Right-Wing (And What They Really Mean) By Matthew Desmond – January 19, 2011

"I want to preface this by saying that after each word, where it says “What it really means”, I am not giving the literal definition of the word for ever word, on some of them I am just stating the actual things that  those words are attempting to demonize.
What they want you to think it means- A radical reshaping of our Government meant to take us away from the foundation that our Founders built this country on.
What it really means- Improving the things in our society and government that don’t work towards helping the “general welfare” of the citizenry, and instead hurts them. Trying to create the “more perfect union” our founders wanted.
Communist/Fascist/Socialist/Tyrannical Government:
What they want you to think it means- You Government wants to control every aspect of your life and you have no control over it.
What it really means- Democratically elected politicians who are not members of the Republican Party and don’t support its conservative principles.
What they want you to think it means- Someone that talks down to you like you’re stupid and that wants to dictate to you how you live your life and spend your money.
What it really means- Someone in a position of power or authority, or someone who might be better educated about, or understand, an issue better than you do.
Entitlement programs:
What they want you to think it means- Massive amounts of government money going to lazy people who don’t deserve it and don’t want to work for it.
What it really means- Programs that help mothers and children like WIC or Food Stamps. Medical programs like Medicare and Medicaid that help people who can’t afford health insurance. Programs like Social Security that help the elderly and disabled and keep them from going into poverty. Programs that help heroes, like the 9/11 first responders bill that pays for healthcare for rescue workers who got sick at Ground Zero after 9/11. Unemployment insurance for people who have paid into it for years and can’t find work and can’t afford to survive, or support their families, without it.
What they want you to think it means- A terrible person who lives their life in sin, committing crimes against their fellow man and hating the Christian foundation they generally believe this country was built on.
What it really means- An atheist, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Agnostic, etc.  or anyone that doesn’t follow a Judeo-Christian faith.
Gun Control:
What they want you to think it means- Taking away all guns. Removing the 2nd Amendment from the Constitution and denying the citizenry their right to bear arms.
What it really means- Stricter regulations on assault weapons and automatic weapons. Keeping guns out of the hands of felons and people that are mentally unfit. Do you think the founding fathers were thinking of AK-47s when they wrote the 2nd Amendment?
Homosexual agenda:
What they want you to think it means- Teaching little kids about the homosexual lifestyle in an attempt to indoctrinate them or “Turn them gay”. Forcing churches to marry gay couples even if it is against their beliefs. Finding straight people and turning them gay.
What it really means- Equality for gays, lesbians, and transgendered people. Protection from harassment and discrimination based on sexual or gender orientation.
What they want you to think it means- People who sneak into this country illegally from Mexico to commit crimes and steal jobs that would normally be available to people that are citizens.
What it really means- People that come to America from countries all over the world, to better their lives and to try and live the American dream. Many of them are here legally, and they are from all over the world not just Mexico.
What they want you to think it means- Someone with a liberal education who wants to talk down to you like you’re dumber than them.
What it really means- Someone with a college education or, at the very least, a basic understanding of politics. Someone who thinks for themselves and doesn’t just repeat what they hear from other people, verbatim.
What they want you to think it means- Someone who radically wants to change America from its constitutional values, give the government more power and change the very core of our Republic.
What it really means- People that believe that the “general welfare” clause of the constitution applies to all Americans, regardless of race, sex, disability, sexual orientation, ET. Al. and that the Government should protect its citizenry and guarantee equality and liberty, and not rule over the people. People that believe in freedom and justice for ALL, and that work towards that goal. (The Founding Fathers were liberal. If someone ever tries to tell you that breaking off from the biggest monarchy in the world in 1776 was a conservative move, please, laugh in their face.)
What they want you to think it means- An evil socialist plot that is going to cost the taxpayers billions, damage our economy, and prevent job growth.
What it really means- Non-dependent children can stay on their parent’s health insurance until they’re 26. 85% of the money you spend on health insurance has to go towards paying for your ACTUAL care. You can’t be denied from getting insurance based on a pre-existing condition. Lower costs for health insurance, and it also reduces the deficit, according to the non-partisan CBO.
What they want you to think it means- A coward who refuses to defend themselves even if they’re attacked first. Someone who is weak.
What it really means- Someone that won’t start a fight unless provoked. Someone who doesn’t support unjustifiable wars that kill people needlessly, but would generally fight or go to war if attacked first.
What they want you to think it means- Someone that hates the constitution and thinks it’s flawed. Someone that wants to reshape America from the principles it was founded on.
What it really means- Someone that understand that the Founders intended for this country to grow and change, and that those principles of progress and making this country better are engrained in our constitution and founding documents. The founders never said they formed a “completely perfect union”, they stated “in order to form a MORE perfect union”; because they knew that it could always be improved upon.
Single Payer health insurance or the “Government Option”:
What they want you to think it means- Rationed healthcare and poorer quality healthcare because it can’t be good if the Government pays for it.
What it really means- Every citizen has health insurance, or has the option to get insured by the Government, and can’t be denied healthcare. Having the same option for health insurance that the politicians who oppose the Government option already have. If you can’t afford healthcare it will still be provided for you.
Special Interests:
What they want you to think it means- Scary entities that spend limitless amounts of money to try to push their evil agenda, and to pay off politicians.
What it really means- Police, teachers, firefighters, Unions, schools, political activists and anyone else that contributes to causes that are not supported by the Republican Party, or that do not fall in line with their conservative values.
Social Justice:
What they want you to think it means- Poor people taking things they don’t deserve, and have no right to have, so they can spend it on things they don’t need. The government taking your money and giving it to crazy people and drug addicts, by force.
What it really means- Understanding the values of human rights, and equality. Helping even the poorest and sickest because it’s the right thing to do. Helping your fellow man if he cannot help himself.
What they want you to think it means- Big scary organizations that steal money from their members and then use it to buy politicians to support their own corrupt agendas.
What it really means- Groups that protect the rights of their employees. They represent cops, firefighters, hospital workers, and many other groups of people.
What they want you to think it means- Someone who hates America and only pretends to love it so they can radically change it away from the constitution and turn it into a nanny state.
What it really means- Anyone that doesn’t support Republican politicians, policies, or doesn’t have conservative Republican values."
 And people like the men pictured above are responsible for lying to the public.

WE ARE BEING LIED TO - MoveOn Civic Action & The Other 98% Flash Mob


Highlights from the Rebuild the Dream Launch - June 23 in NYC

‎"We are being lied to. Lie #1: America is not broke. Lie #2: Asking America's super-rich to pay taxes hurts America's economy. Lie #3: Hating on America's gov't is patriotic." - Van Jones of Rebuild the Dream

Friday, June 24, 2011

My hometown I love you. Thank You Governor Cuomo.

Isn't it the irony that an east coast city and state known for its toughness and unapologetic way of life did something tonight that another city on the west coast known as "The gay capital of the world", in a state known for being "progressive" still hasn't been able to do.

Go figure. Thank you governor Cuomo. NYC I love you.


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How do we know that Christians are delusional?

The bible is a great work of FICTION and utter bullshit. That book is an invention of man to explain away what was not understood. It has been used to manipulate, control, and kill people. Nowadays it is used to justify irrationality, stir up fear, brew intolerance, and worst of all, gain power.
I'm agnostic. I believe in the natural order of things and do believe in a higher power. But not in the christee bullshit coming from mentally insane people like Pat Robertson who make millions off the ignorance of people or child rapists spewing from the vatican.

Thursday, June 2, 2011