Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Biden to Teamsters: If you vote Republican "you're on your own, Jack!"

"Can I get a HELL YEAH?

I, for one, couldn't agree more with our Vice President, and I applaud him for speaking the obvious truth. I know that inside the beltway this is going to create howls and teeth gnashing about being so clearly partisan AND in favor of labor unions. When that Dick Cheney told people to vote Republican or the terrorists will kill us all that was fine by beltway standards, but telling working class people that if they vote Republican they are totally screwing themselves is certain to earn the Vice President scorn among the Vichy DC Press Corp.

And you know why? Because Joe Biden is dead right on this.

In fact, I would extend the Vice President's comment to everyone who is earning less than a million dollars a year. If you want to cut your own throat so the rich can have more tax cuts I can't stop you from doing it, if you are hell bent on destroying the working class so Wall Street can have it's huge profits and low corporate taxes then go for it, but don't come crying to the rest of us who have been saying for over ten years that the GOP plan will only hurt the working class and benefit the super rich. You are on your own, jack.

And your allies in the Republican Party don't give a flying fuck about your problems. If you are not very rich, or if you are the wrong color, the wrong nationality, the wrong religion, the wrong sexuality or guilty of carrying a loaded uterus in public your political allies in the GOP have long since abandoned you and are actively feeding you and your family to the wolves. You really are on your own, jack. And you did it to yourself.

So don't come crying to me, Mr. Republic party voter, when life becomes harder for the working class and easier for the rich bastards who are robbing you. You do it to yourself, and that's why it really hurts."-quote

He is right. Thank you Mr. Vice President.