Monday, August 13, 2012

Papa Sangre Review for iPod Touch 4G + iPhone 4 App Game Test 1st LvL, M...

I've played many games whether they are board, video, card, but this is truly a first : a video game-without video, or better yet, an audio game in which the strategy is to use sound to avoid enemies, find the clues that will lead you out of each area which will lead you closer to the soul to save. It sounds simple enough, but keep in mind other than a visual on-screen display "touch controls" consisting of two feet for "walking" or "running" and an eerie half wheel for "turning" above the feet, you are in a dark underworld where you cannot see anything. Listening, wisdom, patience, and sheer cunning is the only way to survive. I've had dreams where I was walking in an area where I could not see anything beyond three feet in front of me. But unlike this game, there was no sound at all other than my breathing. I think that any person regardless whether they are religious, spiritual or not at all would be spooked playing this. If there were indeed an afterlife, this would be a perfect version of hell. I'm very impressed by the creators. Very well done!

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