Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Girl 6

My favorite is when they all get "initiated" in the introduction room by Lauren Hill's character and after she was done the manager says "and that's how y'all do it" LOL!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Response to Connor Habib's : "Why Do Porn Stars Kill Themselves?"

Dear Connor, I’m a blogger and politico and often write about various
issues, I initially stayed away from this subject. While I find your
writing to be brilliant and well thought of, the question about the
suicide of porn performers is because it is a rather complicated issue
but most of the blame can be zeroed in on the entertainment industry as a
Let me explain.
From the moment we wake up in the morning to bedtime we are
constantly bombarded with images of thinner or gym body people selling
us everything from clothing, to cars, to food and reminding us that we
need to lose weight and be thinner as that is what the “image of beauty”
is supposed to be.
Assholes exist in life and certainly in employment as well, but in a
normal job there are severe consequences when an employer whether small
business or corporate mistreats his/her employees starting with getting
fired, getting sued, getting arrested and sent to prison. It is against
the law to treat people like shit at work.
The entertainment industry is full of and run by assholes like Simon
Cowell. Whether it be music, movies, shows, or porn they are the only
industry in the entire world where employer to employee abuse exists
without serious consequences against the perpetrators and exacerbated
100 times worse when the “product” that is being marketed are the
performers themselves captured on media performing especially when it is
sexual intercourse.
They are the only group that gets to belittle, degrade, condescend,
and outright verbally and even physically abuse the employees under them
without much fear of consequence. Ever heard of anorexia, body
dysmorphia, drug abuse, steroid abuse, criminal behavior? Those things
are commonplace and are the result of abuses. Considering the fact that
the average career in porn is 18 months (the length of an associate
degree in any college) the question becomes why do some performers stay
in longer? Is it the lure of the money? The attention? What? Its a good
question actually. Then there’s also the competition. There’s always
going to be someone younger, tighter ass, and better looking waiting to
take your place.
You should also consider yourself lucky that you are the exception but certainly not the norm.
Not every human being has thick skin, a will of iron, or the
emotional backbone of a rhinoceros that can handle criticism well. Look
at reality shows like American Idol at how many people get rejected and
their sometimes explosive negative reactions as a result of the
Also, the entertainment industry is the only industry as far as I
know that gets to claim that the product they produce is “art” and is
“subject to interpretation” and yet they treat it as a business, so if
you hated it, you’re not satisfied and you want your money back : “tough
shit, you own it”. In other words, they get to have their cake and EAT
it too.”
I've met and have friends that have worked in the adult industry. None like talking about their experiences. That says something to me. Because of that, I see most of the blame directed at the porn and entertainment industry for helping to push these performers to the breaking point, but ultimately it is the performers' choice to either stay and continue to accept the abuse or to get out and do better with their lives elsewhere in another occupation.

-Joe V.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

John Broder of the NY TIMES is a lying sack of shit

Now that the Tesla Model S "black box" results were posted, kindly go FUCK yourself. You sir are a LIAR. Computers don't lie. People do. The fact that you are also a paid corporate oil shill is reason enough NOT to trust you. I hope you lose your job.

The logs of the Tesla are posted online and here the results :
  • As the State of Charge log shows, the Model S battery never ran out of energy at any time, including when Broder called the flatbed truck.
  • The final leg of his trip was 61 miles and yet he disconnected the charge cable when the range display stated 32 miles. He did so expressly against the advice of Tesla personnel and in obvious violation of common sense.
  • In his article, Broder claims that “the car fell short of its projected range on the final leg.” Then he bizarrely states that the screen showed “Est. remaining range: 32 miles” and the car traveled “51 miles," contradicting his own statement (see images below). The car actually did an admirable job exceeding its projected range. Had he not insisted on doing a nonstop 61-mile trip while staring at a screen that estimated half that range, all would have been well. He constructed a no-win scenario for any vehicle, electric or gasoline.
  • On that leg, he drove right past a public charge station while the car repeatedly warned him that it was very low on range.
  • Cruise control was never set to 54 mph as claimed in the article, nor did he limp along at 45 mph. Broder in fact drove at speeds from 65 mph to 81 mph for a majority of the trip and at an average cabin temperature setting of 72 F.
  • At the point in time that he claims to have turned the temperature down, he in fact turned the temperature up to 74 F.
  • The charge time on his second stop was 47 mins, going from -5 miles (reserve power) to 209 miles of Ideal or 185 miles of EPA Rated Range, not 58 mins as stated in the graphic attached to his article. Had Broder not deliberately turned off the Supercharger at 47 mins and actually spent 58 mins Supercharging, it would have been virtually impossible to run out of energy for the remainder of his stated journey.
  • For his first recharge, he charged the car to 90%. During the second Supercharge, despite almost running out of energy on the prior leg, he deliberately stopped charging at 72%. On the third leg, where he claimed the car ran out of energy, he stopped charging at 28%. Despite narrowly making each leg, he charged less and less each time. Why would anyone do that?
  • The above helps explain a unique peculiarity at the end of the second leg of Broder’s trip. When he first reached our Milford, Connecticut Supercharger, having driven the car hard and after taking an unplanned detour through downtown Manhattan to give his brother a ride, the display said "0 miles remaining." Instead of plugging in the car, he drove in circles for over half a mile in a tiny, 100-space parking lot. When the Model S valiantly refused to die, he eventually plugged it in. On the later legs, it is clear Broder was determined not to be foiled again.
-quoting Elon Musk.