Thursday, March 7, 2013

Atlas Shrugged Parts 1 & 2 : A bible for sociopaths

welcome to the world of Atlas Shrugged. Ayn Rand's libertarian dystopian view of the world where government interference and too much regulation stifles corporate innovation and progress.

Both of these movies are now available on Netflix.

But I am critical. Honestly? All I see is right-wing propaganda justifying greed and no safety oversight to protect the public from corporations releasing potentially dangerous products to society. This isn't even about liberal or conservative but the question I have to ask : if Ayn Rand's ideas were so great, why after being tested over and over again and again in the last 30+ years, why do those ideas still not work?
If "selfishness is a virtue", why then is contempt for those less fortunate somehow "worshipped" and exploited through those that follow the writings of this woman?
I never read the actual novel, but If these films are indeed a screen "word for word" adaptation of the 1957 title, then what it tells me is that the story itself is terrible writing. Part II doesn't even have the same original cast as the first. Why not?

This book is the bible for sociopaths.

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