Friday, April 26, 2013

Letter to U.S. employers

Dear American employers,

I am an U.S. American citizen. I was born in this country in early 1972 growing up poor, in poor neighborhoods, raised by a single parent. I was taught from a very early age that education is and always will be a way out of misery. Life was not easy and often it was a struggle for my mother to make ends meet and we often did get help from welfare. I started working in a restaurant when I was 14 years old not making much money but what I did earn I used for myself and often helped my mom. I eventually had to drop out of high school to support myself and struggled for 6 years completely lost until one day I realized that getting my G.E.D. and going to college was going to provide me with some sense of job security.

I acquired my G.E.D., then moved to a technical college pursuing automotive as a degree taking out government loans in the belief that I would one day prosper and do well. I successfully completed my education and was in debt for over $20,000 at the time. It has now reached almost $30,000 due to interest and forbearance. I graduated college in 2000 in Advanced automotive technology, and have bounced from job to job due to lay offs and shops closing. I decided to go back to school in 2005 and try again and pursue computers and networking. Again, I successfully finished in 2007 and at first I did get job offers, but slowly the offers dried up. It would be weeks until I would find work sometimes going months and months I'd be without work. It has been now 6 years that I have been in and out of work and none of the I.T. jobs that I did have were permanent. They were all contractual.

My resume is fully updated and posted on several employee websites. I have submitted it to hundreds and hundreds of employers and recruiters and while I have had some success with some good agents out there, they are far and few. Most have either turned me down, or have given my hopes up high only to never follow up or help me.

What I want to know from you is : how is the economy supposed to recover when you employers are actively discriminating against people like me that through no fault of their own have been unemployed for a long time?

Why are you not hiring people?

Why are you not helping people like me? I want to work. I want to contribute. I am smart and I will do anything. I worked hard in college to earn my degrees.

Don't I deserve the same chances as everyone else?

I have done nothing to deserve what has happened to me. I have no criminal record. I have never been involved in any offenses. Other than my college loans, I have no other debt. I've never done drugs, nor broken a law in my life.

Why are you discriminating against me especially when all I want is to work and you refuse to hire me? I don't understand.

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