Tuesday, November 26, 2013

RSA Animate - Crises of Capitalism

"The accumulation of community wealth into the hands of a few is destructive globally, out of control of host communities, dangerous for the future of the biosphere and will not respond to efforts to curb its path of greater concentration of greedy spoils at a dire cost to all. Capitalism is so toxic, so corruptive, so short term, so wasteful, so cruel, so immoral and yet has trained the minds of generations to accept its hegemony. The brand of capitalism that has blossomed in the USA is diabolical. We have a mainstream philosophy of self and to hell with the rest. The world is paying for this dearly and those who survive will learn to hate the perpetrators who have wrecked their children's chances of hope for a stable peaceful life. There is no future in capitalism as the inequity grows, natural resources diminish, climate runs away into unknown territory man has not lived in before, US and others rage war around the globe for power and profit albeit short term. Look at where we are going in senario one. We are right on track."

Thursday, November 21, 2013

this has to be said....

Some in the bear community will agree and I'm not saying I do, but this has to be said...

Monday, November 18, 2013

a life cut short and forgiving....

A couple of weeks ago I found out through social media that a friend of a good friend of mine had suddenly and tragically passed away. This individual was friends with several people I know including an "ex-friend" whom many years ago I had a very bad falling out with. I also know that the ex happened to be very close to the deceased. 

Out of curiosity, I initiated a search to see if my ex-friend mentioned anything at all and by chance I found a pic he posted of he and his friend together with his head on the deceased's shoulder. Years ago, when we had the nasty fallout, if I saw that my first initial reaction would be utter disgust and even be cynical by saying to him : "since when does a self serving narcissist and opportunist like you care about anyone other than yourself considering that I wasn't the only person you led on, used, and took advantage of?" 
But I didn't do that. I don't feel the anger nor hate to him anymore. I feel nothing. I guess that's a good thing. I contacted him and said condolences for his loss and I hope he's ok. 
Its a tragedy when a young life is cut short. Most importantly, forgiveness has shown me that I've moved on and I'm happy. 
I have chosen to rise above my anger even if he is still bitter.