Tuesday, November 26, 2013

RSA Animate - Crises of Capitalism

"The accumulation of community wealth into the hands of a few is destructive globally, out of control of host communities, dangerous for the future of the biosphere and will not respond to efforts to curb its path of greater concentration of greedy spoils at a dire cost to all. Capitalism is so toxic, so corruptive, so short term, so wasteful, so cruel, so immoral and yet has trained the minds of generations to accept its hegemony. The brand of capitalism that has blossomed in the USA is diabolical. We have a mainstream philosophy of self and to hell with the rest. The world is paying for this dearly and those who survive will learn to hate the perpetrators who have wrecked their children's chances of hope for a stable peaceful life. There is no future in capitalism as the inequity grows, natural resources diminish, climate runs away into unknown territory man has not lived in before, US and others rage war around the globe for power and profit albeit short term. Look at where we are going in senario one. We are right on track."

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