Saturday, October 25, 2014

Earth In True Perspective

and people think that the earth is unique and we're alone in the universe. right.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Letter to an irresponsible asshole

I sincerely hope your daughter will never have to go through the living hell you piece a shit useless convicted felon sperm-donor and utter conniving fucking two faced bitch of a mother put my family through. I absolutely hated all of you.

 The two good things that came out of that was the birth of a young relative that is full of life and promise. The other was that during a drug raid, while your brother managed to flee the scene, you were caught, beaten in jail, and deported out of this country never allowed to re-enter.

I used to laugh at how pathetic your family always played themselves out as perfect wonderful people when the reality was bullshit built upon bullshit. Your brother fleeing the scene proves none of you give a shit about anyone other than yourselves. Your birth son is not aware yet of the shameful past of his birth father's family, but he will be soon enough. He has the right to know. You are not a father and never were to him.

I used to think that his fucking cunt of a mother got exactly what she deserved, after all growing up she never listened. I should feel sorry for her but I don't. Only a moron would think that some irresponsible asshole who isn't taking care of his kids from another woman he was previously with is somehow going to take care of the current one she conceived with him. She thought she knew it all, but in the end she learned the hard way that her older sibling was right all along. She would never admit that though. To do that would mean saying her whole life was ruined.

But when he was born and I got see him, I told her one thing : "my nephew is here and he did not ask to be born. whatever issues you have with his father, that's between the two of you. my nephew is innocent. if you harm one hair on his body I will fucking kill you," and she never did.

And you're married with another one? How many kids now? 6? 7? 8? Pathetic. It must be awful to be you. Funny how karma plays itself out in the end. It always does.

Having worked in and having strong connections in law enforcement, I will be one of the many making sure that criminals like you are forever permanently kept out of the US. You will NEVER set foot into this country ever again.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

September 11, 1973 Chile

On this day in history in 1973, the United States, after years of working to destabilize Chile and install capitalist politicians, succeeds in a fascist coup that leaves socialist president Allende dead in the Capital, supposedly by suicide by the rifle that Fidel Castro gave him.

After the death of Allende - the first elected Socialist president in South America - the United States installed the right-wing dictator General Pinochet.
According to Wikipedia, the military under Pinochet’s new regime “killed thousands of Chilean Leftists, both real and suspected, or forced their “disappearance”. The military imprisoned 40,000 political enemies in the National Stadium of Chile; among the tortured and killed desaparecidos (disappeared) were the U.S. citizens Charles Horman, and Frank Teruggi.[47] In October 1973, the Chilean song-writer Víctor Jara, and 70 other political killings were perpetrated by the death squad, Caravan of Death(Caravana de la Muerte).
The government arrested some 130,000 people in a three-year period;[48][49] the dead and disappeared numbered thousands in the first months of the military government. Those include the British physician Sheila Cassidy, who survived to publicize to the UK the human rights violations in Chile.[50] Among those detained was Alberto Bachelet (father of future Chilean PresidentMichelle Bachelet), an air force official; he was tortured and died on 12 March 1974,.[51][52][53][54][55] The right-wing newspaper,El Mercurio (The Mercury),[56] reported that Mr Bachelet died after a basketball game, citing his poor cardiac health. Michelle Bachelet and her mother were imprisoned and tortured in the Villa Grimaldi detention and torture centre on 10 January 1975.”

Henry Kissinger, President Nixon, and a so-called economist named Milton Friedman are responsible for these atrocities.

The interesting part about this whole event is that the Chilean people pretty much hated Allende. Then Pinochet took over and de-nationalised huge chunks of Chile’s economy, thus renewing foreign business’s interest in Chile, which had dropped off dramatically due to Allende nationalising almost every major business in Chile at the time. However, this all came at the cost of sending income inequality rates sky fucking high for 20 years until the junta got thrown out in 1990. Yes, the CIA was, to a very large degree, propping up the coup, but the coup was in fact popularly supported. Of course, supporters of the coup’s opinions tended to change after the junta killed their families under suspicion of them being dissidents. In summary, the story of Chile’s transition from stable American-style democracy, to stable socialist democracy, to spectacularly unstable military dictatorship, then back to democracy is as fascinating and complex as it is bloody.

Remember real US History. Don’t let the flagwavers erase this shit.

Monday, June 30, 2014


to the sexist douche nozzles out there and the 5 SCOTUS judges that decided that women's reproductive choices shouldn't be covered by employers because of religious beliefs : We all know the people who claimed this won't open the door to challenging discrimination laws are flat out liars.

Mark my words, they aren't going to go after just LGBT anti-discrimination laws. Their goal is to gut the 1964 civil rights act, just like they did with the VRA last year. And this "narrow" ruling will do just that unless we get out and vote this fall and in 2016.

This is why we need a PUBLIC OPTION to health insurance where EVERYONE pays into the system. Health insurance should not be provided by private corporations. Instead it should be provided by the taxpayer.

in the meantime, this photograph perfectly describes what most women think of men like you.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

inspirational words from Henry Rollins

“If you hate your parents (the man or the establishment), don't show them up by getting wasted and wrapping your car around a tree. If you really want to rebel against your parents, out-learn them, outlive them, and know more than they do.” -Henry Rollins

Friday, April 11, 2014

If you think your family is screwed up...

WOW. Simply incredible.

I've seen many movies that deal with dysfunctional people but never something quite like this. Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep are simply nuts. Their performances blew it out of the park.

Speaking only for myself, the relationship between Violet and Barbara is exactly the way my mother and I were once. I found myself relating to Violet's daughters, little Charles, and even with his father. I found everyone else to be despicable. It just goes to prove to me that not everyone can be or should be a parent.

Overall, the film it was hard to watch. It hit close to home in fact. Violet drove her family away. Even though the film ended with Barbara driving off into the sunset assuming back to Colorado, you know that Violet dies with only the caregiver and possibly Mattie Fae by her side. Her children were not present.

The same mistakes the mother did to her children for me it was as if I were an outsider looking at my own parents and their failures.

I HIGHLY recommend this film to anyone.

Don't Talk to Police (WATCH!!!!)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

nice try HBO....

nice try HBO, but if I wanted to watch pretentious bullshit on TV I'd tune in to keeping up with the Kardasians. None of those media whores have any talent, but sure are entertaining regardless.

Showtime's Queer As Folk aired 14 years ago from 2000 to 2005 and was way better even on the first episode. I even related to one of the lead characters named Brian because our upbringing was very similar. There's a reason why Showtime was a leader because they forged ahead and were brave and why some of that network's programs are appearing on Netflix.

Sorry HBO, not impressed.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

R.I.P. Eduardo Manuel Gutierrez (1976-2014)

I am in shock. The loss of a wonderful good friend that helped me through a bad time I learned has passed away today. I am angry, sad, in shock and wondering why???
My brother, you left this world way too young. I finally had the great pleasure of meeting you In San Francisco in late 2010 and I never forgot it. You treated me with the utmost respect, love and graciousness that I never forgot. You will forever be an influence in my life. I love you. My condolences to your partner and your family. Rest In Peace my friend.

Link to his amazing podcasts :

The Unnamed path