Monday, October 6, 2014

Letter to an irresponsible asshole

I sincerely hope your daughter will never have to go through the living hell you piece a shit useless convicted felon sperm-donor and utter conniving fucking two faced bitch of a mother put my family through. I absolutely hated all of you.

 The two good things that came out of that was the birth of a young relative that is full of life and promise. The other was that during a drug raid, while your brother managed to flee the scene, you were caught, beaten in jail, and deported out of this country never allowed to re-enter.

I used to laugh at how pathetic your family always played themselves out as perfect wonderful people when the reality was bullshit built upon bullshit. Your brother fleeing the scene proves none of you give a shit about anyone other than yourselves. Your birth son is not aware yet of the shameful past of his birth father's family, but he will be soon enough. He has the right to know. You are not a father and never were to him.

I used to think that his fucking cunt of a mother got exactly what she deserved, after all growing up she never listened. I should feel sorry for her but I don't. Only a moron would think that some irresponsible asshole who isn't taking care of his kids from another woman he was previously with is somehow going to take care of the current one she conceived with him. She thought she knew it all, but in the end she learned the hard way that her older sibling was right all along. She would never admit that though. To do that would mean saying her whole life was ruined.

But when he was born and I got see him, I told her one thing : "my nephew is here and he did not ask to be born. whatever issues you have with his father, that's between the two of you. my nephew is innocent. if you harm one hair on his body I will fucking kill you," and she never did.

And you're married with another one? How many kids now? 6? 7? 8? Pathetic. It must be awful to be you. Funny how karma plays itself out in the end. It always does.

Having worked in and having strong connections in law enforcement, I will be one of the many making sure that criminals like you are forever permanently kept out of the US. You will NEVER set foot into this country ever again.

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